2015年10月16日 (金)

Re-start to dance again. ダンス復活。

Dsc_04321I joined a exercise program named "Street Dance" at Tokai citizen's gymnasium every Tuesday, but the instructor couldn't come there and the program was over by the end of August.


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2015年9月24日 (木)

Autumn is good for reading books. 読書の秋。

Over twenty years ago, I met one of my uncle and stayed his house. I told him about my job that to measure parts and products, particulaly gear is the most tough, he said Dr. Naruse is famous for gear technology, but at that time, I couldn't find any information about it.

He died couples of years before and a measuring machine I use for gear on my job has been broken by its age this May, I missed the gear job and searched related about gear by internet.




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2015年5月 4日 (月)

Tokyo trip 東京旅行

I have visited Tokyo some times but only once for sight seeing when I was 12 years child, my wife and I went there this from April 29th to May 1st.

3_3東京には子供の時以来観光で行ったことがなかったので、今回のGW に行って来ました。

We joined one day Hato Bus tour, some one  says it's an old fasioned one, but it's nice to go famous  place efficently and to listen lots of knowledge by bus tour guide.


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2014年1月18日 (土)

The first experience for dry-suit! ドライスーツ初体験!

For scuba diving, we wear wet-suit but the limit of lowest sea water temperature is 20 degree of celsius, off couse it depends on each person.   

For lower sea water temperature, they wear dry-suit that has neck and wrist seal and keep body dry.


I have not dived to wear it but the preffered diving shop gave us a winter diving tour with rental dry-suit. We went to Kushimoto town in Wakayama prefecture on 2nd to 4th January.


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2013年11月17日 (日)

Carburator overhauling キャブのオーバーホール

It is over 4 month from I rode one of my motorcycle named KAWASAKI KDX250SR last time, I tried to start the engine last weekend but I could make it after a lot of pusfing down the kick-starter and it spit out much smoke.

Today, I overhauled its carburator at my house.


When I disassemble it, the inner parts were changed green and something like slime was in the chamber by spoiled gasoline and verdigris.


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2013年10月23日 (水)


I got them for my off-road motorcycle...

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2013年9月 4日 (水)

My boots have just been repaired! ブーツが直った!。

I got my motorcycle boots over 15 years ago, which are very comfortable toP8296262 wear and I use them not only off-road motorcycling but also on-road one.


But too long year after I bought them make some parts to need fixing, and I searched out that the boots manufacturer agency in Japan has many skills for old boots and I asked to repair them.


In fact, these boots have re-soled and given new backle bases without the bottom of them by the shop.


Now, the last ones need treat, I sent them to the agency again last week.


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2013年6月 4日 (火)

Free style motorcross in OSAKA フリースタイルモトクロス大阪大会。


The first match of free style motocross world championship tour in Asia was held last Saturday at Osaka castle. I'm enjoying to watch the match on CATV about 5 or six years ago, I've dreamed to watch it live, and the chance comes reality!


It was the first experience to visit Osaka castle for me, it stands powerful and massive.

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2013年5月29日 (水)


I joined CHIC BBQ party at Shounai-ryokuch-park in Nagoya last Sunday.


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2013年4月30日 (火)

It's still cold in Akita.秋田は寒い。

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«New car has just come! 新しい車が来ました!