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2013年4月13日 (土)

New car has just come! 新しい車が来ました!

P3305820I bought a new car called TOYOTA AQUA and it has just come 29th March, my 49th birthday. Actually, I ordered a TOYOTA dealer to buy it  last October, I knew it would be completed on Janualy, but I need my own car in winter but if I'd get it in winter, it have to get annual or offical inspection in the shop and I can't use it, then I asked to get on the end of March.


P3305817The last car "NISSAN SERENA" that I bought for motorcycle transporter  ran over 186 thousand km didn't make any fatal failure, but it became so few time to carry the moyorcycle recently, I felt this car's negative point like the size and weight spoiles driving pleasure.


And I attended some training and lecture about TOYOTA hybrid powretrain system in my company
watched World Endurance Championship race at Fuji Speedway and JUST TOYOTA HV racer got a victory at first, I had much interest in the hybrid car.


At last, I noticed that it's not "Mottainai" to change the car such ran so many distance when the life style is changed, and I really wanted to own a hybrid car, I decided to change my car.


I live with my wife without any other family and I know there are many nallow roads in Japan, I think TOYOTA PRIUS the most major HV car in the world is a little bit of big for me, just newer and smaller AQUA is enough.


You know, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, I don't like to give up to carry motorcycle, I attached a tracting trailer device to the new AQUA and I bought a cargo trailer from a motorcycle shop owner who is one of the best friend in Nagoya. At first he bought it to carry a personal water craft named KAWASAKI JET SKI, but he and other jet friends quited to ride it, he don't use it for many years.


Dsc_0184Then, on last Feburuary, I finished all of official registration and inspection for this trailer.

Driving a car pullinga trailer, as this small trailer is no difficult to forward, but to bacward is too hard and needs much of experience. But it's a good oppotuinity for me, I'm sure!




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