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2015年9月24日 (木)

Autumn is good for reading books. 読書の秋。

Over twenty years ago, I met one of my uncle and stayed his house. I told him about my job that to measure parts and products, particulaly gear is the most tough, he said Dr. Naruse is famous for gear technology, but at that time, I couldn't find any information about it.

He died couples of years before and a measuring machine I use for gear on my job has been broken by its age this May, I missed the gear job and searched related about gear by internet.




Dsc_04281How wonderful the internet era! Easily, we can know everthing we need to know, I've got the three old books by the internet auction and internet shopping just immediatery.

素晴らしきネット時代! 知りたいことはすぐに分かります。すぐにネットショッピングとネット通販で3冊の古書が手に入りました。

Two of them, upper in this picture is written by  Dr. Naruse, another on is by Dr. Nakata who also great authority of gear.


When I opend the last page of the upper left book about Dr. Naruse's oversea's study was published on 1941's the first edition, and the price was 3 Yen!   


I started to read them around 1 our every night listening songs of insects... 大体毎晩1時間づつ、虫の声を聴きながら読んでます。



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