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2015年10月16日 (金)

Re-start to dance again. ダンス復活。

Dsc_04321I joined a exercise program named "Street Dance" at Tokai citizen's gymnasium every Tuesday, but the instructor couldn't come there and the program was over by the end of August.


To dance is precious time in my life, I needed next place to keep it, finally, I've found a dance studio near my house. There are some dance studios and sports clubs those have the program like hip-hop style dance, the last one is at the closest place and has convenient schdule.


The dance studio holds some ballet and jazz dance classes, I chose "Hip-Hop Jazz" class on Wednesday night. Last night was the third lesson from I started to go there, wrote a simple self introduction card with a photo for the bulletin board.



It's a typical private class like a piano class that my mother held in my house old days, small but more familier than usual sports club, it makes me to feel easy.



« Autumn is good for reading books. 読書の秋。 | トップページ





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